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By Diego Pineda

Write like a thought leader: tight, sexy, and elegant copy that stirs emotions and changes minds. Subscribe if you want weekly power pills to attract, persuade, and make an impact with your writing. So enter your best email and click Subscribe Now. Or don't, but do not complain later tha... Read more

Write like a thought leader: tight, sexy, and elegant copy that stirs emotions and changes minds.

Subscribe if you want weekly power pills to attract, persuade, and make an impact with your writing.

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Stop writing this type of content

The internet has turned into a meta world.And I'm not referring to Facebook's new name.Here's what I mean.When I was a science writer I read a lot of meta-analyses.Those are scientific studies about other studies.Researchers performed statistical analyses of …


Why most content sucks

I learned about an interesting concept the other day: Machine-friendly crops.These are crops that are easily harvested with machines, so farmers prefer to plant them as opposed to some food that requires manual harvesting.The result?We end up eating the same …


This one's about you

Movies that flop tend to have one common trait.Characters that are not well developed.It’s like watching total strangers deal with conflicts but there’s nothing relatable there, not enough backstory for you to care about them.I felt like that with the new cha…


Enter the evangelist

The other day I was watching some highlights of Jimmy Fallon's career at The Tonight Show.I was very impressed.Here's a guy who's got a cool job on prime time TV and he's killing it.He's funny, charismatic, knowledgeable. In other words, he's great at he does…


This is a really smart trick

You know the saying...Work smarter, not harder.I say write smarter, repurpose harder. How come?Well, as you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, your content must reach your audience through different channels and formats.But creating blogs…


Write like a theme park ride designer

Last week I went with my family to Universal Studios Florida.If you’ve been to a popular theme park, you know the drill.You wait in line for 60 minutes or more to get on a roller coaster for 90 seconds and then go to the next ride to do the same.A lot of wait…


Why focusing on SEO is a bad idea

Life is full of ironies. I've gotten two different positions with SaaS companies paying me six figures to do their SEO and content marketing strategies.The thing is that I'm not a fan of SEO.I can do it and get results in time, with enough budget and the righ…


Dealing with haters...

I love haters.Really.They make me think.Most of the time, critics and haters are simply misunderstanding you or interpreting your articles or posts from their own points of view.


You could be in the news

Writers draw inspiration from news headlines.You can take two or more different headlines and put them together to create a story.Susane Collins, the author of The Hunger Games, says she got the idea for the story while flipping TV channels from reality shows…


Write what you don't know

Writers are often told, “write what you know,” meaning that they should only write about topics they're experts on.That's partially true, because thought leaders must speak from their expertise.But I think you should go beyond that.Why limit your storytelling…


What would happen if you did this?

By now, you should know I'm a MCU fan. From the movies to the series, I love how the creators of this superhero universe weave stories together in different layers and with dozens of characters.One of the most recent series is called What If? -- a question th…


Well, this is unexpected!

Where do writers come up with ideas for stories, books or articles?Well, every writer is different.In fiction, a lot of authors will tell you that the idea just came out of the blue one day.JK Rowling, for instance, thought about Harry Potter for the first ti…


It's happening today!

I'm so excited!Today is the official launch of my book, The Solo Thought Leader: From Solopreneur to Go-To Expert in 7 Steps.


How unique are you?

Have you ever changed your ways?I have. Many times.One of them is in regards to content creation.You see, I’ve been writing on the web since 2003.Always with the goal of attracting readers.In the last few years, that meant focusing on Search Engine Optimizati…


Don't make this mistake

Ever since I decided to become a writer, I've heard about the importance of creating an author platform.That's how you will sell books and become famous, they said.What do the experts mean by author platform?Stuff like:Start a blog or podcastWrite guest posts…


let's keep this short

In 2010, I attended a writer’s retreat in Manitou Springs, Colorado.On the second day, we had to hand in three things to one of the mentors for critique (they had red pens!):Elevator pitchSynopsisFirst chapterI had to distill down the whole concept of the nov…


What in the world!

Every year, I teach a creative writing class to the kids at Rhema e-School.And this year, I decided to do something different.Instead of just going through the basics of ideation, plot, characters, POV, and other fundamentals, I’m teaching them worldbuilding.…


I'm sorry to say this, but it's true

Sorry to say this, but...Content marketing (and marketing in general) is broken. The old ways don’t work anymore.Take for example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is what you do to be found on search engines such as Google or Bing.A decade ago, you co…


They're watching you

Writing like a thought leader requires you to think like an algorithm.You see, putting all the technicalities aside, what algorithms are great at doing is figuring out what people like.That's why Facebook feeds you the content you like to see, or Amazon keeps…


I need to show you something

At school, we had "show and tell" days.You took a toy, game, or some random item to school, showed it to your class, and talked about it.So I grew up thinking that showing and telling were kind of the same thing.But years later, when studying fiction writing,…