Why Reducing Customer Effort Leads To Loyalty





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Why Reducing Customer Effort Leads To Loyalty
By Dan Gingiss • Issue #80 • View online
According to Harvard Business Review, the number-one most important factor in a customer’s loyalty is reducing customer effort. Think about that every day. Think about how you can make your customers’ lives easier. Do that, and you will create loyalty. 
You can’t expect your customers to know everything. Yes, today’s customers are more connected and have access to more information than any other generation of customers in history, but they still can’t read minds (at least not yet). So why do many companies create situations where customers need to figure things out for themselves?… CONTINUE READING

This is the feeling when customer effort is too high.
This is the feeling when customer effort is too high.
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Got 2 1/2 minutes? Watch Dan do his thing in this new sizzle reel!
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