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Why Personalized CX Matters and How Brands Can Do It Right

The Experience Maker
Why Personalized CX Matters and How Brands Can Do It Right
By Dan Gingiss • Issue #79 • View online
In today’s digital age, where products and services can be bought from virtually anywhere in the world, personalized CX (customer experience) becomes a key differentiator. In fact, 88% of customers say the experience a company provides is just as important as its product or services. To attract and retain customers, brands must deliver the highly personalized experiences that customers crave. 
Good CX drives loyalty because your customers will remember the exceptional experience they had with your brand the next time they consider purchasing something. And since the cost of acquiring new customers is so much higher than retaining existing customers, it’s time to invest in personalizing your CX… CONTINUE READING

A personalized CX makes every customer feel known and understood.
A personalized CX makes every customer feel known and understood.
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