Why Do Customers Love Certain Brands?





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Why Do Customers Love Certain Brands?
By Dan Gingiss • Issue #77 • View online
Why do customers love certain brands but not others? Is brand love random, based on the latest viral video? Or is it strategic, based on an intentional focus on customer engagement?
When I first started my tenure at Discover Card, one of the things that stuck out to me was all of the customer feedback where people literally wrote, “I love my Discover Card.”
I thought that the word “love” was really fascinating because who loves a credit card? I get that people love Disney or Lego or Starbucks, but a credit card?
After nearly 10 years, I did learn why so many people “love” their Discover Card. It’s because of the company’s fanatical focus on customer service and customer experience.
So it was with that background that I was particularly interested in a new report called “Love Brands: The Most Loved Brands in the U.S.“
–> CONTINUE READING to find out which brands ranked highest and the key factors that contribute to brand love.

Brand love doesn't happen by accident. It requires a culture of customer-centricity.
Brand love doesn't happen by accident. It requires a culture of customer-centricity.
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