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Does That Emoji Mean What You Think It Does?

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Does That Emoji Mean What You Think It Does?
By Dan Gingiss • Issue #81 • View online
Ask a bunch of people about emoji meanings and you might get a bunch of different answers – especially if those people represent different generations. 😉
Emojis – those ubiquitous icons on our phones and in social media meant to convey a whole array of feelings – have taken on new meanings for millennials and Gen Z users. And if you aren’t paying attention, you or your business risk appearing old school and out of touch.
In other words, emoji meanings are fluid, and can mean different things to different people. Since understanding your customers is a critical part of customer experience strategy, knowing the different interpretations of emojis by generation is important in crafting your organization’s communication strategy… CONTINUE READING

Emojis may have different meanings depending on which generation you're in.
Emojis may have different meanings depending on which generation you're in.
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