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Devops Week News - Issue #82

This week we start with a video on Kubernetes in Real Life, then a couple of articles about Kubernete

Devops Week News

April 10 · Issue #82 · View online
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This week we start with a video on Kubernetes in Real Life, then a couple of articles about Kubernetes, an Incident Post-Mortem from Travis CI team, Terraforming Azure Virtual Machines and the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service.
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Video of the week
GOTO 2017 • Kubernetes in Real Life • Ian Crosby - YouTube
When developing Cloud Native applications, a robust orchestration layer is crucial. Deployment and management of your containerised applications is not something which can be performed manually. Of the many tools which aim to solve this problem, Kubernetes has emerged as a leader in the space.
While the underlying technologies have existed for much longer, Kubernetes itself is still relatively young. There are many resources available to show you how to ‘quickly’ get up and running, But when it comes to running Kubernetes in production, it is still a learning process.
In this talk, Ian Crosby will take a look at the best practices as well as the common mistakes we have seen while working with companies who are running Kubernetes in production. From running your own local highly available Kubernetes cluster to leveraging a cloud hosted solution, he will share the lessons they’ve learned, as well as the most important points to consider when looking to take Kubernetes into the wild.
Terraforming Azure Virtual Machines in a modular way - Janshair Khan
Bitnami Engineering Portal: A deep dive into Kubernetes controllers
The Travis CI Blog: Incident Post-Mortem and Security Advisory: Data Exposure After Outage
Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service
Dynamic secrets on Kubernetes pods using Vault – Guy Maliar – Medium
Kubernetes NodePort vs LoadBalancer vs Ingress? When should I use what?
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