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Devops Week News - Issue #63

Starting this edition, there is a video showing the hidden costs of on-calls. On Articles, an introdu

Devops Week News

November 21 · Issue #63 · View online
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Starting this edition, there is a video showing the hidden costs of on-calls.
On Articles, an introduction to BuildKit, a project under Moby umbrella. A blueprint of a self-sufficient docker cluster, how to architect a highly scalable golang API with Docker Swarm & Traefik, everything that you need to know about Kubernetes and Swarm, and finally the inner workings of Kubernetes.
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Video of the week
LISA17 - The Hidden Costs of On-Call: False Alarms - YouTube
On-call teams, postmortems, and costs of downtime are well-covered topics of DevOps. What’s not spoken of is the costs of false alarms in your alerting. This noise hinders the team’s ability to effectively handle true issues. What are these hidden costs, and how do you eliminate false alarms?
How many monitoring emails do you expect to receive? How many of those need someone’s intervention? Odds are you won’t need to go off into a corner with your laptop to fix something critical on all of those emails.
Noisy monitoring system defaults and un-tuned alerts barrage us with information that isn’t necessary. Those false alerts have a cost, even if it’s not directly attributable to payroll. We’ll walk through some of these costs, their dollar impacts on companies, and strategies to reduce the false alarms.
Introducing BuildKit – Moby Blog
Blueprint Of A Self-Sufficient Docker Cluster | Technology Conversations
Architecting a Highly Scalable Golang API with Docker Swarm & Traefik
What you need to know: Kubernetes and Swarm
Joe Beda Explains Some of The Inner Workings of Kubernetes - Cloud Native Computing Foundation
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