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Devops Week News - Issue #44

This week we start the newsletter with a video from DevoxxUK, Marco Pas is talking about Prometheus.

Devops Week News

July 11 · Issue #44 · View online
Weekly newsletter with curated articles about DevOps.

This week we start the newsletter with a video from DevoxxUK, Marco Pas is talking about Prometheus.
On the articles, we have Linux tracing systems, a Kubernetes workshop, the new Docker 17.06 Community Edition features and practical services monitoring with Prometheus and Docker.
To close we have how do we do it section where Atlassian developers shared how they designed their Kubernetes Infrastructure on AWS.
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Video of the week
Infrastructure and application monitoring using Prometheus by Marco Pas - YouTube
So you have deployed your application on your infrastructure, but how to keep an eye on it?
When applications are deployed, you will need to find a way to gather metrics on the performance and health status. Examples are memory/disk/io usage, the number of requests, etc.
These metrics can be used to build health dashboards and trigger alerts when your infrastructure is not working according to your wishes.
In modern infrastructures tools like Docker bring additional complexity and headaches on how to monitor your containers and host operating systems.
This talk will introduce Prometheus and will show you how you can use it to monitor your container based environments, host operating systems, creating dashboards and set alarms. The tools that will be used are Docker, Consul, Prometheus, Grafana.
Linux tracing systems & how they fit together - Julia Evans
Kubernetes Workshop - .[ZooBaB].
What's new in Docker 17.06 Community Edition (CE) - Docker Blog
Practical Services Monitoring with Prometheus and Docker
How do we do it?
How we designed our Kubernetes infrastructure on AWS - Atlassian Developers
Let's have fun!
We wish you a great week!
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