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Devops Week News - Issue #158


Devops Week News

October 31 · Issue #158 · View online
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We start this issue with a 10 Ways to Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Kubernetes.
In the article sections you will find how to do rollback in Kubernetes, Nats and Service Mesh, a list of SRE notes, SLOs, two kernels mysteries, health check at scale, and getting cloudwatch data in prometheus.
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Video of the week
10 Ways to Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Kubernetes, #9 Will Surprise You - Laurent Bernaille
Kubernetes is a very powerful and complicated system, and many users don’t understand the underlying systems. Come learn how your users can abuse container runtimes, overwhelm your control plane, and cause outages - it’s actually quite easy! In the last year, we have containerized hundreds of applications and deployed them in large scale clusters (more than 1000 nodes). The journey was eventful and we learned a lot along the way. We’ll share stories of our ten favorite Kubernetes foot guns, including the dangers of cargo culting, rolling updates gone wrong, the pitfalls of initContainers, and nightmarish daemonset upgrades. The talk will present solutions we adopted to avoid or work around some of these problems and will finally show several improvements we plan to deploy in the future.
Articles & News
How do you rollback deployments in Kubernetes?
Using NATS to Implement Service Mesh Functionality, Part 1: Service Discovery
GitHub - ConnorBrereton/SiteReliabilityEngineering: Notes on 'Site Reliability Engineering' by Google 🦸‍♂️ Leave a 🌟 if you found this useful!
SLOs Are the API for Your Engineering Team
Two kernel mysteries and the most technical talk I've ever seen
Healthchecks at scale.
Getting Cloudwatch data into Prometheus – Robust Perception | Prometheus Monitoring Experts
Let's have fun!
We wish you a great weekend!
We wish you a great weekend!
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