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Devops Week News - Issue #129

Queueing Theory applied for capacity planning, Kubernetes (security, pocket reference), Bitbucket Pip

Devops Week News

March 19 · Issue #129 · View online
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Queueing Theory applied for capacity planning, Kubernetes (security, pocket reference), Bitbucket Pipelines, Hashicorp Vault, Clean Architecture using Golang and Kubernetes CI/CD pipeline on AWS.
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Video of the Week
Using Go in DevOps | Natalie Pistunovich
Go is not a language traditionally used in SysOps. However, as SysOps transforms to DevOps and systems complexity keeps increasing, the need for scalability is increasing as well. Scalable system needs generalized support, less scripting, and more software development, ideally using a cross-platform language that supports concurrency and parallelism. This is a great time to refresh the toolbox.
Looking at recent observability and operations tools, many are written in Go: Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, CoreOS, Istio, Grafana, Jaeger, Moby, etc. 
Why Go?
In this talk Natalie Pistunovich (Fraugster) talks about the language, when its use makes sense and what features make it a good choice, e.g. type safety, clear syntax designed for concurrency, built-in support for parallelism, and the built-in cross-platform and cross-architecture support that doesn’t require dependencies management.
Article & News
Why Capacity Planning Needs Queueing Theory (without the hard math) ::
Meet Bitbucket Pipes. 30+ ways to automate your CI/CD pipeline - Bitbucket
Kubernetes Quick Setup with Prometheus, Grafana & Jaeger · Fabrice Aneche
Hashicorp Vault on Kubernetes with Auto-Unseal – ITNEXT
Clean Architecture using Golang – Elton Minetto – Medium
Building a Kubernetes CI/CD pipeline on AWS with CodePipeline & CodeBuild @ Shopgun
Kubernetes Pocket Reference – DevOpsLinks – Medium
Let's have fun!
We wish you a great week!
We wish you a great week!
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