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Devops Week News - Issue #125

This week we have a presentation from Dr. Richard Cook, and articles about Kubernetes, CI/CD + Gitlab

Devops Week News

February 19 · Issue #125 · View online
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This week we have a presentation from Dr. Richard Cook, and articles about Kubernetes, CI/CD + Gitlab + K8s + DigitalOcean, transactions in Apache Cassandra, infrastructure resource and Go projects.
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Video of the week
Working at the Center of the Cyclone - Dr. Richard Cook
Ironically, our increasingly automated systems have increased the demand for thoughtful, skilled, and skeptical human experts capable of understanding them and intervening, often under intense pressure and high uncertainty. As the underlying technical entities increase in complexity and importance these pressures, uncertainty, and the stakes of expert decisions also increase. We’ve been studying what these people are doing and how they do it. Their results are exciting, encouraging, and worrisome. Exciting because the studies open a new window into how distributed systems are resilient. Encouraging because the expert work is so sophisticated and purposeful. Worrisome because it is clear that we are not yet building technologies that are team players and the path forward is not clear. What is clear is that understanding the cognitive work of experts is a powerful way of understanding the “system” and grounding our own understanding of where opportunities and vulnerabilities lie.
Kubernetes Failure Stories |
Kubernetes 202 — Making It Fully Operational – uptime 99 – Medium
Let’s Explore Kubernetes – Kevin – Medium
Short TTL vs Long TTL infrastructure resource
Mastering the KUBECONFIG file – Ahmet Alp Balkan – Medium
Apache Cassandra: The Truth Behind Tunable Consistency, Lightweight Transactions & Secondary Indexes
Checklist for Go projects
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