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Startup Digest Developer - Issue #2

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Hello everybody!
Hiring the best engineer is tricky and many companies struggle to find one even by rejecting most candidates. Will Larson explains how to get to say YES by self-assessing a company’s hiring methods. Also, Farhan Thawar - VP of Engineering at Shopify discusses on how to hire a VP of engineering by assessing candidate skills. More tips on hiring engineers from Lynne Tye, founder of KeyValues, listen to her conversation here.
Swathi Dharshna

Editor Picks —
Headline This Week —
Jamin Ball
Cloud Giants Update:

AWS (Amazon): $59B run rate, growing 37% YoY (accelerating growth)

Azure (Microsoft): ~$35B run rate, growing 45% YoY (steady growth)

Google Cloud (includes GSuite): $19B run rate, growing 54% YoY (slightly accelerating growth)
  • The highlight of the week was the earnings report from $GOOG, $MSFT and $AMZN, so we got a glimpse into their cloud business.
  • Google Cloud’s CEO Thomas Kurian spoke about his plans for making the Cloud business unit turn a profit and rise above it’s now third place. [Read]
  • Apple’s ML researchers have developed a no-code AI platform called ‘Trinity’ For Complex Spatial Datasets [Read]
  • [New Funds] With one million users using the platform, no-code startup Bubble received $100mn fresh round of funding, led by Insight Partners. [Read]
  • [New Funds] Tenderly’s customers are aiming to tap into the exciting world of blockchain-based computing with a focus on decentralized finance, received $15.3 million fresh funds led by Accel. [Read]
  • [New Funds] Hightouch turns any SQL query into live data sync over SaaS tools, making the data actionable, received $12.1 million funding. [Read]
If you're a beginner, we got you —
  • Learn more about Machine Learning.
  • /freeCodeCamp - free resources of full-stack web development and machine learning curriculum and thousands of interactive coding challenges to help you expand your skills.
  • CryptoDevHub - A community and resource platform for Blockchain- and Crypto developers learn, meet and grow.
  • Learn how to make your first open-source contributions [Read].
  • Codecademy explains what Swift is used for? [Read]
Events around the world —
  • Codegeist 2021, a hackathon to build cloud apps using Atlassian’s Forge platform. Deadline: Sep 13, 2021- Register here.
  • DocuSign Good Code Hackathon, for the greater good. - Deadline on Aug 13, 2021 - Register here.
  • Azure Sentinel Hackathon 2021 - Deadline on Oct 4, 2021 - Register here.
  • Zeta Hacks from HackerEarth - Deadline on Aug 27, 2021 - Register here.
  • API platform Postman announces a hackathon for Students, to bring API data to life with their “Visualizer” - Register here.
Random —
Mental health awareness is trending in the news for all the right reasons. If you’re looking forward to speaking with your team or boss regarding your wellness, HRB’s Kelly Greenwood shares how to talk to your employer.
Thank you, and I’ll see you next week! :)
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