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Startup Digest Developer - Issue #1

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We aim to curate and create resources for developers to build, develop, and scale applications to drive a positive business impact within our community. If you have any feedback, or content that might interest our readers, please find the email below the newsletter to reach us.

We aim to curate and create resources for developers to build, develop, and scale applications to drive positive business impact. With each issue, I will be exploring topics from the developer’s point of view, with a few links to relevant resources for the reader to dig deeper. Also, discuss the experiences of engineers who build real-world high-growth engineering products and developed complex frameworks around their work.
If you have any feedback, upcoming events, product launches, job openings or coding competitions, exciting content, that might interest us, please find the email below to reach us.
Swathi Dharshna

Hello everybody!
It’s been an interesting week for the developer community. Since the introduction to GitHub’s Copilot, we have seen debate on both sides - users who welcome the openness of public repos & auto-completing code, and the other side worried about quality programming and copyright infringement. Will the copilot contribute to the fall of the traditional software industry? Well, let’s wait and see.
Editor Picks —
  • “Enable Copilot” and how is it a curse and a blessing? - GitHub and OpenAI have announced Copilot, an AI assistant that can assist coders by generating or autocompleting code for their software solutions. What does this mean for the software engineering industry, especially developers and testers?
  • Planning and Estimating Large-Scale Software Projects - If you’re an engineering manager for a fast scaling company, Tom Russell discusses how you will be expected to produce estimates for some major projects.
  • Memory Models - In this series, Russ Cox breaks down hardware memory models in 3 parts, how they differ, and how to overcome those differences to ensure the programs behave consistently across CPU platforms.
  • Building a data team at a mid-stage startup - Erik Bernhardsson discusses primarily organizational challenges that could happen if you are brought in to grow a tiny data team at a mid-stage startup.
This week's reading list —
  • Pegasus Project — Simply by placing a WhatsApp call to a target device, Pegasus code could be installed on the phone. More recently NSO Software has begun exploiting vulnerabilities in Apple’s iMessage, giving it backdoor access to hundreds of millions of iPhones. More than 50,000 phone numbers are potentially targeted by malicious software. [The Guardian]
  • Amazon unveils over 50 new features for Alexa devices to drive growth for developers including Skill cards, API widgets, etc. [Alexa Skills Kit Blog]
  • Does TechCrunch think that the end of Open Source is near? This article is written in the aftermath of University of Minnesota researchers finding a system to automatically detect various types of bugs in open source, using the Linux kernel as a test case. [Read]
New Product Spotlight —
  • DevRev is building an API-first dev-centric CRM that leverages data, design, and machine intelligence to empower developers to build, support, and grow their business.
  • is a tool that lets you manage engineering incidents from Slack, ensuring all announcements, updates and role allocation can happen in one place.
  • AlgoExpert is a leading platform that helps to master the essential algorithms and data structures that are tested in coding interviews of hyper growth companies.
If you're a beginner, we got you —
  • Kelsey Hightower, a principal engineer at Google advises on how to bring discipline plus passion can help you succeed in tech as a self-taught developer.
  • In-house developer training for programmers in the EU is said to be a booming industry. [Read]
  • Learn Python 101! Introduction to Python, and to learn more than introduction, click here for free interactive Python Tutorial.
Podcast Recommendation —
  • From Engineer to CEO: How to Start a Tech Company: Taavi Rehemägi tells his story about going from software engineer to CEO to Dashbird. [Listen]
  • How do Canva’s engineers and analysts scale data platforms to keep up with growth? Interview with Canva’s Data Engineer Krishna Naidu. [Watch]
Events around the world —
  • Conf42: Machine Learning on July 29 2021. Click here to register
  • Kafka Summit APAC will be hosted virtually from July 27 - 28, 2021. Click here to register.
  • Build by SkipTheLine will help Indian developers to launch a side project in 4 weeks. Application deadline by 25th July. Click here to register (open for 50 seats only).
  • Techstars Equitech Accelerator Announces Powerhouse Venture Team to support founders with investment, coaching, and mentorship experience. And, their national and international networks will help reach founders across the globe. To apply, click here to learn more.
Head of Developer Platform, Reddit
Reddit’s developer platform initiative is about empowering its users to make communities on Reddit as awesome as possible. [Apply here]
UserLeap is hiring for 5 engineering jobs across SF and Austin.
In the first 6 months of the year, UserLeap’s infrastructure has processed over 82 Billion API requests. If you’re interested in the challenges of building a scalable infrastructure, open positions here!
Thank you, and have a great week :)
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