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[Developer Digest - Issue #5] EpicVsApple, Whatsapp Encryption, Playdate Pulp, How Data Shapes the Uber Rider App

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Epic win for developers 🙂 In the Epic v. Apple trial, the judge mandates that Apple must allow all developers the option to point directly to other payment systems, in addition to Apple’s own in-app purchasing system. This decision cuts right to the heart of the roughly $19 billion a year the App Store brings in for Apple, as at the end of the day, the App Store makes most of its money off in-app purchases inside free-to-download games. In Epic’s defence, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman points out - they got the judge to make the biggest business model change to the app store. [Source].

Headlines This Week
WhatsApp Fixes Its Biggest Encryption Loophole - Before, if you back up your WhatsApp messages to iCloud or Google Cloud, those chats no longer have that level of protection of enabling end-to-end encryption—by default. It’s a loophole, a function of WhatsApp relying on other people’s clouds to stash your stuff. Now, thanks to some clever cryptography, the Facebook-owned company has cooked up a way to close it. | Read
It’s raining big money for the enterprise startups like Snyk is a cloud-native application security provider that raises $300 million at a $4.7 billion valuation, and Databricks, the open-source data lake and data management powerhouse that has just secured $1.6 billion in series H funding at an insane valuation of $38 billion after months of securing $1 billion.
The Case for ‘Developer Experience’ - A16Z’s Jean Yang writes on how developers interface with their tools, and the way we build, buy and use them.
Editor's Pick —
Pulp with basic tile and room tools.                            Photo: Neven Mrgan, designer at Panic
Pulp with basic tile and room tools. Photo: Neven Mrgan, designer at Panic
Event journey from being logged to the dashboards and datasets                 Image:Uber.
Event journey from being logged to the dashboards and datasets Image:Uber.
Student Developers
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Distributed SQL Summit 2021 | September 21 - 23 | to register.
[Game Dev] Codecon Digital | September 25 | to register.
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