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[Developer Digest - Issue #4] Horizon Workrooms, Active Metadata Platform, Open App Markets Act

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Big week for $FB - within a month after betting Facebook’s future on the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg launches VR remote work app called Horizon Workrooms in open beta. Workrooms were a part of a bigger umbrella project Facebook is building for Oculus called Horizon, also the company has indicated that Horizon will eventually be a platform for other developers to build upon. In other news, FB developers has created an open source PCI Express card that tells the time to the microsecond, this accurate time keeping enables more advanced infrastructure management across the data centers.

.. and Other Headlines This Week —
  • Tesla Bot - Elon Musk wants to build a humanoid robot capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring like going to the store to buy groceries. | Read more
  • GitHub’s Engineering Team has moved to Codespaces. So, the developers can start coding with minimal configuration, right from the web browser. Along with moving to Github Codespaces, Microsoft launched GitHub Discussions; Code scanning and secret scanning; and new collaboration tools for GitHub Private Instances | Read more.
  • Postman API Platform has 17 million developers, has now raised its Series D funding of $225 million led by Insight Partners. | Read more.
  • Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey 2021.
  • A new bill called the Open App Markets Act, would favor a few rights that could benefit app developers tired of handing 30% of their earnings to Apple and Google | Read more.
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Michael Dubakov 🧶
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            The architecture of an active metadata platform. (Image from Atlan / Prukalpa)
The architecture of an active metadata platform. (Image from Atlan / Prukalpa)
                       Collaborative Single Player Mode   (Image from ProductHunt)
Collaborative Single Player Mode (Image from ProductHunt)
Advancing Your Career—
Events / Coding Challenges—
  • August LeetCoding Challenge 2021 - Week - 4.
  • Cloudflare Developer Summer Challenge- where developers are challenged to build an application using at least two of the products from the Cloudflare developer platform | Deadline: November 1st, 2021, register here.
  • Women in SaaS Summit, join 15+ women SaaS leaders from companies like Twilio, GitHub, AWS, | Click here to attend on-demand on 8 Sept 2021.
  • Okta Identity Early Access Hackathon 2021 - Build with Okta Identity Engine Limited GA release. Deadline: Sep 14, 2021, register here.
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