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The amazing "Note-n-map" sprint hack

December 19 · Issue #27 · View online
Design Sprint Newsletter
Hey there!
I have SUCH a great design sprint hack and I’m kinda shocked that I didn’t already put it in the newsletter—I guess I was distracted by spamming you with Make Time promos. Anyway, here it is, along with some other good stuff:
This is a technique for speeding up and simplifying the map-making on day 1 of the design sprint. Stéph Cruchon came up with it and jeez, I WISH it’d been me… it’s so smart. Anyway, I now teach this method in my workshops and use it in my own sprints. This post (by Stéph… not me) is a great how-to guide and includes a step-by-step video.
Cool story from Léa Mendes Da Silva about how she rebranded a startup by herself under a tight timeline. Most rebrand stories are glossy productions by big companies, and they’re cool… but this is so much cooler. (Léa included the Three-Hour Brand Sprint in her process, which is also rad!)
If you’ve got an Apple TV, check out this app from Norwegian agency Itch Design—it’s a tool to help guide a design sprint, built for tvOS. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Norwegian; Itch assures me the app works in English.
If you love geeky details (yes, please!) and you’re hiring people (errr… not me, but I’m so into geeky details it doesn’t matter) then you might enjoy this extremely thoughtful and analytic approach to hiring from Figma.
Speaking of Figma, this talk by Marcin Wichary (a designer at Figma) is one of the most delightful I’ve ever seen. Marcin doesn’t use Keynote or Powerpoint… he actually writes code for his slides, which are beautiful, clear, and even interactive! He’s also an amazing storyteller. (Bonus link: Sign up for Marcin’s fantastic newsletter—he’s writing a book about keyboards and sharing stories and photos as he goes.)
A few months back I wrote a post about why, if you’re a designer, you should should build your portfolio around one awesome story. Then the folks at UX folio emailed me, because they have a website with templates for story-based portfolios. I checked it out and it does look pretty good. I mean, if you’re a designer, you really should make your portfolio from scratch (even if “from scratch” means “with Squarespace”) but if you can’t for some reason, UX folio is worth a look.
Aw jeez, this newsletter is pretty long! Well I suppose it’s an experiment. Let me know what you think… less frequent and longer? More frequent and shorter? Unsubscribe? Haha no please don’t.
I’m planning my workshops for 2019, and tickets are on sale for a couple of them:
  • Charlotte - March 18-19 This is a two day workshop, with me teaching the first day and the morning of the second, and a second instructor (Jeff Grant, ex-IDEO) teaching the rest. We tried this last fall and it was really fun, so we decided to do it again!
  • Stockholm - May 2 I’m speaking at the From Business to Buttons conference and also teaching a workshop. (Fun coincidental fact: “Knapp” means “Button” in Swedish.)
The online Design Sprint Masterclass from me and AJ&Smart continues to be updated and expanded… and hey, if you’ve got downtime over the holidays and want to do some work stuff, you could learn how to facilitate (and sell) design sprints! Or you could just spend time with your loved ones, which would also be a fine option.
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