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Sprint maps, design tricks, and the Shortcut-o-matic

Howdy! I've got 7 things to share this week (and a coupon code for my Boston workshop): 1. Sprint ma
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Design Sprint Newsletter
I’ve got 7 things to share this week (and a coupon code for my Boston workshop):

1. Sprint map tutorial video
Making the map on Monday is one of the hardest parts of the sprint for me—maybe the hardest part, because it happens on the first day when you’re trying to build momentum. This video tutorial from AJ&Smart visualizes the process. Watch on YouTube

2. Seven practical tips for cheating at design
This post has a bazillion views, but if you missed it, check it out. Very useful advice for anyone designing digital products, and a handy guide for non-designers helping out with the sprint prototype. Read on Medium

3. You’re not changing the world
Silicon Valley has been much derided for saying “change the world” too much. This particular post is thought-provoking, if sometimes hard for me to read—I believe in idealism at work, wearing your heart on your sleeve, and, yeah, trying to change the world. Still, DHH makes some excellent points. Read on Medium 

4. Great work requires idealism AND cynicism
After reading that last post, I kept thinking about optimism and pessimism in product design. Recently in my sprint workshops I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of both idealism (which you can capture in its purest form using the long term goal) and honest cynicism (which you capture with the sprint questions). So I decided to write a post about why idealism matters. Read on Medium

5. More facilitation advice
Last newsletter, I shared my facilitator’s guide. Here’s a great response from Diana Liu, with even more tips for handling difficult people, overcoming nervousness on the first day, and setting expectations. She disagrees with me on ice breakers and provides some favorites. Read on Medium

6. Shortcut-o-matic
This is a design-sprint-like exercise for identifying roadblocks in your personal projects and shortcutting around them. Read on Medium

7. Design’s lost generation
A line in this essay by Mike Monteiro stood out to me:
The current generation of designers have spent their careers learning how to work faster and faster and faster. And while there’s certainly something to be said for speed, excessive speed tends to blur one’s purpose. 
He’s right, and perhaps there’s even some danger in the design sprint applied in the wrong way to the wrong problems… 🤔 A future topic for me perhaps… but for now, enjoy Mike’s post. Read on Medium

And hey Boston! Still a few tickets for my March 15 workshop—newsletter readers get 30% off with the coupon code BELKA.
Thanks for reading.
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