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Skeptical Dave tries a design sprint

Howdy! I have seven things to share this week: 1. A skeptic tries a design sprint Earlier this month
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I have seven things to share this week:

1. A skeptic tries a design sprint
Earlier this month, I spoke at the Mind the Product conference in London. Turns out there was a serious skeptic in the audience—a guy named Dave Martin. Somehow I managed to convince Dave to try a sprint, and he wrote a series of posts documenting what happened each day. It’s a fun read, because he was skeptical every single step of the way—but in the end, it worked! Read on Medium.

2. The talk that convinced Dave
Here’s my Mind the Product talk that convinced Dave. Watch the video. (45 minutes, includes some corny jokes and 1,600 people high fiving at once.)

3. How to sprint in Japan
A Tokyo-based digital agency called AQ have figured out how to modify the design sprint process for Japan. They wrote up an amazing post—featuring everything from behavioral tips to office supplies. You bet I loved it! Read on Medium.

On a related note, if you’d like to run design sprints in Japan yourself, AQ is hiring. I can personally recommend them—I’ve visited their office, they’re super cool folks, and I had the best bento box of my life. And it looks like speaking Japanese is a plus but not a requirement. Check it out: UX designer at AQ. 

4. I was on a podcast
I did an interview on the InVision podcast. I’m not sure if I was any good—although I’m easily narcissistic enough to watch videos of myself, listening to my voice on headphones is a bridge too far… kinda Being John Malkovich. But presumably I’m talking about design sprints. And the hosts, Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery, are cool. DesignBetter Podcast.

5. The “Papyrus” sketch!
If you missed the Ryan Gosling “Papyrus” sketch—I was way behind on it myself—please treat yourself. Papyrus on SNL. (2 minutes)

6. Ken Norton on predicting the future
I love Ken Norton’s newsletter. Unlike some people who publish a list of random stuff every week or two whether it’s good or not (ahem), Ken sends his newsletter only occasionally and when he’s got an interesting essay to share. Anyway, his most recent post is about predicting the distant future, and it references a remarkably prescient New York Times article from 1992. Read on Ken’s blog.

7. This newsletter looks different than last time
I’m trying out Revue… let me know what you think.

The 2-day Design Sprint Bootcamp in San Francisco on November 13 & 14 is filling up. If you’re interested in a team or individual ticket, get in touch with AJ&Smart directly.

The workshop in Chicago was super fun! I’ve got another U.S. event in the works and will share it next week, assuming I get my act together.
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