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May 16 · Issue #32 · View online
Design Sprint Newsletter
Hey there!

Before we get to the links, an update on the last issue of the newsletter (which was the most-opened ever) about Simplify for Gmail. First, Fast Company did an interview with Simplify’s creator, Michael Leggett. My favorite quote: “It’s like Lucky Charms got spewed all over the screen!” Second, the plug-in is now available for Firefox, in case you’re a weirdo who uses Firefox. Just kidding, Firefox is great!

On to the links…
If you need to test a prototype, check out this how-to-guide from Michael Margolis complete with software recommendations and detailed screenshots.

This redesign exercise is cool, but what makes it really great is that the designer, Netflix data viz expert Susie Lu (who is amazing, just look at her blog) didn’t just mock up the receipt design onscreen, she bought a thermal printer and wrote the code to make it work. Susie, I don’t think you subscribe to this newsletter but if you do, nice work!

I’ve never used JTBD but everything I’ve heard was positive. So I enjoyed this nuanced critique from Jared Spool, which discusses the good and the bad from a designer/researcher’s perspective.

I’m super jealous of Cal Newport because he always writes stuff I wish I’d thought of. This post from a few years ago brings up an excellent question: Do we really need email at work? What would happen if it went away?

“Personal brand” and “telling your story” might sound icky, but there’s a good way to go about it. Great post from Julie Zhuo.

Recently, while getting on an airplane, I thought “Why the heck is this so complicated?” Well, now I know… I guess?

Note: I got links #2 and #6 from Pocket Hits. Before you subscribe, be warned, it’s almost too good… I suggest you stick with my mediocre newsletter.

Upcoming design sprint workshops

Also, John Zeratsky, my friend and co-author on Sprint and Make Time, is putting on a workshop in Toronto on June 25.

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