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New online course and three cool links

January 23 · Issue #41 · View online
Design Sprint Newsletter
Hey there!

I’ve got three cool links to share (and a sneak peek at coming events) but first a big announcement:

About a year ago, I published a book called Make Time, written with my friend John Zeratsky. John was my co-author on Sprint, and in Make Time we wrote about using design sprint-like strategies to get things done and have more joy on a personal everyday level.

The Make Time book came out a little over a year ago, and since then we’ve heard many awesome stories from readers. But the reality is that for most people (including me!) it’s really darn difficult to just read a book and instantly change your habits. John and I were confident in the Make Time method, but we wanted more people to have awesome results.

So John got super stoked about creating a tool beyond the book. He combed through reader success stories to look for patterns. He talked with Wendy Wood, an expert on habit-building, and Julie Harris, an executive coach who uses the Make Time book with her clients. Then he tracked down Erik Skogsberg, an expert in designing learning experiences.

In the end, John decided the best format would be an online course. He recruited Julie to lead a community, so students could change habits with the support of like-minded people. He recruited Erik to help design the curriculum. And of course I got involved too!

Now the whole thing is ready to rock, and I think it’s gonna be pretty cool. It’s called The Highlight Course, and it’s a 4-week program that includes our latest advice about how to make time for what matters. It includes:

  • Completely new in-depth videos of us teaching the Make Time framework
  • Real-world activities for redesigning your time and focus (you won’t just learn stuff; you’ll do it)
  • A global community of people working together to bring focus to what matters most
  • Live video Q&A discussions with me and John throughout the course

🕹 Three cool links
Now for some sweet and quick links: a video, some music, and a delightful tweet storm.

Nice fundamental design lesson from design star Chris Do. In video form with fun animations.

This YouTube video from Delta Notch was recommended to me by design sprint facilitator Robert Skrobe, who said it makes great work music. Boy, was he right. This has become my go-to work soundtrack, and you can also use it (as Robert does) during sketching exercises in your next sprint.

I’m not gonna explain this, you just have to click and see for yourself. If you’re a designer and/or you’ve ever used a Mac computer, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

🤓 Upcoming event sneak peek
I’ve got some cool workshops and conferences this year. I plan to write more detail about them in a future newsletter. For now, sneak peek links:

Thanks for reading!


P.S. If you didn’t get enough of a sales pitch for The Highlight Course already, here’s a video sales pitch. 👇
Also, whenever I get my photo taken with John, it turns out like this: he looks like a million bucks and I look like a zombie. What’s the deal with that? No, wait, don’t answer that.
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