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My facilitation tips for design sprints (plus a workshop in Boston)

February 12 · Issue #11 · View online
Design Sprint Newsletter
I’ve got eight things to share this week:

1. My 23 Facilitation Tips for Design Sprints
I’ve just published a post with tips for facilitating design sprints—I’ve had several folks ask for facilitation techniques lately and figured I’d just write up everything and put it in one place. Read on Sprint Stories

2. Workshop in Boston!
I’m doing my first workshop on the East Coast this March 15 in Boston. Early bird tickets on sale now

3. Sprints for world-schooling
Super cool story about a family using design sprints to plan their travels every year. They work remotely and “world-school” their child—basically it’s like homeschooling only with a huge emphasis on travel. There’s also an interesting comment exchange where the author explains how she makes all that travel possible (it’s not just a matter of having a lot of money—it’s a lot of work and tradeoffs, and her philosophy is very inspiring). Read on Medium

4. The confidence of “I don’t know”
Great post from Mike Monteiro about the important of not bluffing like you know everything. He’s writing about design work, but it could easily apply to facilitation or life for that matter. Favorite line: “No one has all the answers, and pretending you do doesn’t make you look confident, it makes you look a fool.” Read on Medium

5. We finally got decent audio on our podcast
The Product Breakfast Club sounds a lot more like a real podcast as of episode 11. In this episode, we talk about why it’s so hard to have a good design conference. Listen on Apple or Stitcher or Soundcloud

6. A design sprint at Optimizely
This is cool, since Optimizely is a beacon of data-driven decision making: A behind the scenes story of how they ran a design sprint. Read on Sprint Stories

7. When design sprints suck
Some useful lessons here on when not to sprint. Read on Medium

8. Plateau Kindle before peak Kindle
This has nothing to do with design sprints, but I found this post fascinating. It’s about why the Kindle hasn’t changed much in the last few years, and if you like writing about design, gadgets, or attention, I think you’ll dig it. Read on 500ish Words

Also, there are still some spots left in my 1-day workshops in Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Stockholm later this month. Reply to this email if need the newsletter discount code, and you can get tickets here.

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