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How Trello does remote design sprints

October 19 · Issue #3 · View online
Design Sprint Newsletter
Hello! This week I have six links to share:

1. How the team behind Trello does remote design sprints
I think Trello is super cool, so I was stoked to learn they use design sprints. Here’s how a completely distributed team (in normal words, “everybody works from home”) at Trello makes design sprints work. Spoiler: They use Trello. But also other stuff. Read the post

2. Cool sprint story from Quizlet
Quizlet makes a popular flashcard tool. Here’s how they used design sprints to add diagrams, including some really neat videos of the prototypes they built. Read on Medium

3. 10 Unusual But Critical Edit Checks
These tips are for bloggers, but I think it’s excellent advice for anyone designing, building, or especially marketing a product. Read on Medium

4. Student pricing for the Austin workshop
There are still a few early bird tickets left for my design sprint workshop in Austin on November 20. And I totally forgot to mention that students get 50% off! Just email the organizer, Doug from Voltage Control. Everybody else, you can still get $100 off with the code jakeaustin100.

Note: The last two links don’t have anything to do with sprints but I thought they were really cool.

5. Women of NASA LEGO set
This is basically just me bragging about how my friend, Tara Wike, a designer at LEGO, worked on this awesome new set. Read on Nerdist

6. This designer is taller than I am
I often claim to be “among the world’s tallest designers”. I use the word “among” because although I have never met a taller designer, I was always sure one was out there. Sure enough, there is, and as I might’ve guessed, he is Dutch. Read on Fast Company

Lastly, I am trying to put together a New Zealand and Australia tour. So if you’re in one of those magical lands and you think your company might be interested in a private workshop, sponsoring a workshop, or having me in for a talk, please drop me a line.

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Talk to you soon!

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