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Find the right customers for your test (and a workshop in Denver!)

October 26 · Issue #4 · View online
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Hey there,

This week I have six updates for you:

1. Sprint workshop in Denver
I’m running a workshop in the Mile High City on December 4! Early bird and student tickets are on sale now. Sign up here

2. How to find the right customers for your test
This is a great article on how to recruit test participants. For example “focus on and categorise people based on behaviour if you can. If not, ask about attitudes. Demographics are least useful of all.” So true! Read the post

3. A better way to storyboard
A few extra steps which actually speed up the design sprint storyboarding process, from AJ&Smart. Read on Medium

4. New Time Timers in 20 and 120 minute increments
Actually these have been around for a while, but somehow I didn’t know about it, which is astonishing because I am the biggest Time Timer fanboy ever. Anyway these are great for sprints—you can use the 120 minute one to measure time between breaks (typically 90 minutes) and the 20 minute one for the shortest activities. And the volume is adjustable, which is pretty sweet. New(ish) Time Timers

5. The writing link, for real this time
Last week I talked about this great post on editing. Then I didn’t proof my newsletter properly and I didn’t send the link. Incredibly ironic because the post is titled “10 Unusual But Critical Edit Checks Before You Hit Publish”. May I suggest an eleventh? Check your links, Jake! Here it is seriously

6. 🎂
It’s my birthday today! And it’s a big one. So far it’s excellent—I bought myself a croissant and have almost finished revising the manuscript of my new book! As a sort of reverse birthday present from me to you, I thought I would share one random paragraph from that new book, without telling you what the book is about. Just to mess with you. Here you go:

There are defaults in nearly every part of our lives. Our workplaces, devices, and our culture have built-in defaults which make busy and distracted the normal, typical state of affairs. These little standards are everywhere. When you get frazzled and overwhelmed, it’s not a personal failure—it’s usually just a combination of default settings working against you. Nobody ever looked at an empty calendar and said “The best way to spend this time is cramming it full of random meetings!” Nobody ever said “The most important thing today is everybody else’s whims!” Of course not! That would be crazy. But, because of defaults, it’s exactly what we do. 

And that’s it for now! If you live anywhere near Austin and want to join the workshop on Nov 20, you should hustle because the early bird tickets are almost closed—get yours here

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to help spread the word, please forward this newsletter to a friend, buy a book for somebody, or write a review. If it’s your first time reading, I hope you’ll subscribe.

Talk to you soon!

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