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Design sprints at NY Times, talk like a person, etc.

August 30 · Issue #20 · View online
Design Sprint Newsletter
Hey there!
Five cool links to share this week:
This summer I got the chance to work with The New York Times on their annual hackathon, called Maker Week. I wrote up the seven modifications I made to the normal design sprint process to scale it for 65 people in 13 teams. Obviously others have done bigger multiple sprint exercises… but hey, I gotta start somewhere right?

I really enjoyed this insightful post by Julie Zhou on the importance of using normal people language at work—she connects jargon at the office to crappy products:
…using shortcut language can lead us to lose sight of what the real end goal is. You start seeing and responding to company problems rather than people problems.
This is cool, useful, and free: a template for creating a nice, scannable summary of your design sprint (like this). From EMsprint in Los Angeles.

Okay, this post is a little tricky to read (it’s translated from German) but the way this company works is wild! And super interesting! Every Monday is structured like a self-organizing barcamp—the team decides which meetings need to happen that day based on what’s important now. The rest of the week they just… work. Pretty thought-provoking.

Fair warning: As if there wasn’t enough self-promotion in this newsletter already, there will be a steady stream of stuff about my new book over the next few issues. This is an interview I did with Freedom about my daily routine for focusing on writing.

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