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Design sprints: Answers to common questions

August 27 · Issue #36 · View online
Design Sprint Newsletter
Hey there!
I’ve collected a few cool design sprint links lately, and I realized they happen to answer some super common design sprint questions.
First some ads: I’ve got workshops coming up in Miami on Sept 28 and Barcelona on Nov 3. More at the end!
Now here we go with a link-tastic image-rrific Q&A:
Q: How can I make design sprints work at a big company?
My friend Stéph Cruchon, who runs a design sprint agency in Switzerland, uses a three month-plan called the “Design Sprint Quarter”. His how-to post is very nice and includes a cool printable timeline!
Q: What happens right after a design sprint?
Most prototypes do not test perfectly, and most design sprints end with open questions still remaining. I recommend following up a design sprint with a second, simpler sprint. Turns out AJ&Smart does this exact same thing AND they’ve detailed out how to do it. Check out Brittni Bowering’s how-to post.
Q: How can I convince my team to run a design sprint?
…in a weird video where I’m standing by a street for some reason. But the answers are decent, I swear!
Q: Can I really run a design sprint myself?
Here’s a post by Samantha Shi full of encouragement and tips for running your first design sprint.
Q: What is the biggest Time Timer money can buy?
Because they know how much I love Time Timers, the good people at Time Timer sent me their new giant Time Timer MAX to test out. It’s really cool—you can swap out the faces and change how long the timer goes for. I should mention that I don’t get any money for promoting it. Anyway if you want to watch me and my son unpack a giant Time Timer, here you go:
Drawing those graphics was definitely the most fun part of this newsletter, but if you prefer your links in text format, the workshops are:
Also, my buddy and Sprint co-author John Zeratsky is speaking and teaching workshops at Leading the Product in Melbourne and Sydney in October. He also has workshops coming up in Cleveland on Sept 23 and Minneapolis on Nov 12.
Also, I got some really nice notes about the last issue, so I turned “Advice for new designers” into a post on Medium. Thanks for writing back, and thanks for reading!
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