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Design Sprint Scorecard, How to Make Big Decisions, and Dog Data

September 5 · Issue #21 · View online
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Hey there!
I was excused from jury duty this morning, so I didn’t have plans this afternoon and decided to write a newsletter. And here we are. (I’ve never gotten to serve on a jury, but every time I’m summoned the introductory video gets me really excited… then I’m actually disappointed when I get excused. Maybe next time.)
I have three nice links to share this week:
Use this (free) template from Voltage Control to organize what you learn from testing your prototype. Much easier to deal with than a wall full of sticky notes!

This story from the New York Times summarizes the research on making good decisions. I think (hope!) you’ll notice a lot of things that also happen in the design sprint. For example:
The upshot is clear: If you find yourself mapping a “whether or not” question, looking at a simple fork in the road, you’re almost always better off turning it into a “which one” question that gives you more available paths.
What’s the best way to expand your pool of options? Researchers suggest that if possible, you diversify the group of people who are helping make the decision.
Aw yeah, I thought so! If you’re into making good decisions and want to read more, I super highly recommend the book Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath, which had a big influence on my thinking about the structure of the “Decide” step of the design sprint.
Speaking of big decisions, my family is thinking about getting a dog. When my friend Susan heard about this, she sent me this chart. It’s not new, and I’m not sure I agree with the data sets (appetite, but not temperament!?) but the visualization is fun.
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