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News, links, workshops, videos, and special content from Jake, delivered to your inbox every 1 or 2 weeks.

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Six cool links and one cool event

Hey there!As the subject suggests, I've got six cool links and one cool event to share.The six cool linksHow Spotify runs remote Design SprintsHow Dropbox and Microsoft run remote Design Sprints (also video)Why Facebook thinks remote Design Sprints improve te…


How Sarah Cooper got 1.6M followers

Hey there,Three things to share with you today:1. How an ex-designer got 1.6 million followersA few years ago, Sarah Cooper left her job as a design manager at Google to become a full-time comedian. She's written massively popular blog posts and hilarious boo…


The Remote Sprint Guide is here!

Hey there,I hope you're well and holding up okay. Just one thing to share today:The Remote Sprint Guide is liveThis is a complete guide for how to handle video, whiteboards, voting, facilitation, interviews, and pretty much everything else in a remote Design …


Help with a remote design sprint guide? Plus personal notes from Seattle

Hey there,Man, I hate the coronavirus. 1. Can you help us make a guide for remote design sprints?My co-author John Zeratsky and I are trying to figure out how to be useful, and we know lots of people are suddenly working over video. We want to create a remote…


New online course and three cool links

Hey there!I've got three cool links to share (and a sneak peek at coming events) but first a big announcement:📺 New online course from me and John Zeratsky!About a year ago, I published a book called Make Time, written with my friend John Zeratsky. John was m…


How designers can gain power, inside Apple's design process, and more!

Hey there!Let me tell ya, this issue has some good links. But first you gotta read (or scroll past) my workshop advertisements:Boston, January 15 — The event will be at the MIT D-Lab. So I guess that means afterward you can say you studied at MIT? Sure!If you…


Remote design sprint story PLUS workshops in Las Vegas and Boston

Hey there,Today I've got four more cool links. First, let me advertise my upcoming design sprint workshops:Las Vegas, Dec 5 🎲Yes, this is next week. I know, I should've sent a newsletter sooner. I'm not really an a-plus marketer, okay? But to try to make it u…


World's best marketing (plus workshops next week in Vancouver and Seattle!)

Hey there!No unifying theme today, just three links I hope you'll enjoy.But first, ads. I'm teaching two design sprint workshops next week:


Three excellent, off-the-radar books

Hey there!I recently read some great books and I want to tell someone about them, so... apparently that someone is you. First, some ads for my upcoming design sprint workshops. I'd love to see you there!Miami on September 28Vancouver, Canada on October 15Seat…


Design sprints: Answers to common questions

Hey there!I've collected a few cool design sprint links lately, and I realized they happen to answer some super common design sprint questions.First some ads: I've got workshops coming up in Miami on Sept 28 and Barcelona on Nov 3. More at the end!Now here we…


Advice for new designers

Hey there!First, two ads for my upcoming design sprint workshops. I'd love to see you there!Workshop in Austin on Aug 7. That's next week!Workshop in Charlotte on Sept 10-11. I'm teaching day 1 and Jeff Grant (ex-IDEO and a master prototyper) is teaching day …


Xbox design sprint, etc

Hey there!This newsletter is another bunch of links I found interesting. There isn't a theme or anything. Well, maybe the theme is "this newsletter is very long" because it is. In fact it's so long I better advertise my August 7 workshop in Austin right here.…


How a designer builds a startup

Hey there!This issue of the newsletter is another experiment. It's mostly an interview, which is long (but interesting!) so first, some quick links:1. Teamwork software from Sprint co-author Braden KowitzToday, Braden's new startup begins open signups. Range …


Six links

Hey there!Before we get to the links, an update on the last issue of the newsletter (which was the most-opened ever) about Simplify for Gmail. First, Fast Company did an interview with Simplify's creator, Michael Leggett. My favorite quote: "It’s like Lucky C…


Check out this awesome Gmail redesign (and you can use it!)

Howdy!This newsletter just has one big link—I'll have more in the next one, but my friend made this really cool thing and I want to share it right away:Simplify: A super clean Gmail redesignMichael Leggett is a badass designer—he used to lead design on Gmail …


Three cool books and three cool links (+ workshop in Paris)

Hey there! Here's some stuff I've come across recently that I thought you might like.Three cool books:1. The Making of a Manager by Julie ZhuoJulie Zhuo worked her way up from intern to VP of product design at Facebook. She's also an excellent writer, and her…


New prototyping tools, case studies, and more

Hey everybody,I got lots of positive responses to the last issue, which was a podcast rabbit hole, so, although I promised I would never write an issue like that again, I probably will. Probably about artificial intelligence. But not this time! This is a good…


Podcasts + startups + Spotify = Crazy newsletter!

Hey there!This week Spotify bet big on podcasts, buying startups Gimlet Media and Anchor. Podcasts are undeniably compelling, they've grown in popularity, and Spotify sees this as a way to obtain more listeners, keep more listeners, and make more money.This n…


The amazing "Note-n-map" sprint hack

Hey there!I have SUCH a great design sprint hack and I'm kinda shocked that I didn't already put it in the newsletter—I guess I was distracted by spamming you with Make Time promos. Anyway, here it is, along with some other good stuff:1. The Note-n-MapThis is…


Six years with a distraction-free iPhone, designer confessions, etc.

Hey there! I got five links for you today...1. Six years with a distraction-free iPhone (my new post)I've been working on this for a while—it's the fanciest Medium post I've ever written, with lots of illustrations and even a couple of animated GIFs. (If you'…