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Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #2

Design & Critical Thinking - Issue #2
By Kevin Richard • Issue #2 • View online
Hi everyone, Kevin here.
I sincerely hope you are all well in these uncertain, complicated times!
I continue my journey towards (humbly) setting up the basis for an ethics-literate community. This is more than ever important given the situation.
Indeed, what was questionable yesterday is now overlooked because, well, context changed. Does it mean ethics is what one care of?
For instance, technology seems currently to be the ultimate end to our shaking society, enabling “remote working” to everyone. This is a fiction, and we need a hero. Except it is not even remotely homogeneous or even equally distributed: inequalities are now, more than ever, visible.
Furthermore, not everyone can or should work remotely. And even though all the above were true, ethical questions remain i.e. the intrusiveness of some of our tools –even though the context influences the thin line of acceptability.
Is the urgency of the situation a good justification to dodge ethical issues?
However, these extraordinary circumstances also offer a great opportunity to open discussion on many subjects and our relationship/dependency with many things.
Anyways, thanks for reading!
Take care of your human, design, critical thinking.
Wish you all the best,
With ♥️ from Switzerland.

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Kevin Richard

Design & Critical Thinking (D&CT) aims to build shared understanding, collective knowledge & sensemaking through a community of professionals from different backgrounds and horizons.

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