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By Tyler Gindraux

This monthly newsletter is curated by Tyler Gindraux, a researcher and service designer based in London.

Design With is building a community of people who are interested in participatory approaches to urban planning, service design, and user research.

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Designing with care

It's been quiet around here! If you're new and eager, I'd suggest a look through the archives.


Out of our heads and into the world

Hello, hello. It’s July – which for some of us means the midst of wintery rain and for others, the heat of summer. I hope you’re comfortable wherever you may be.


A participatory internet

Well, hello! I hope this email finds you with a cup of tea and a couple minutes to yourself.


What do you think of this newsletter?

This month looks a little different. If you're new around here or would just prefer to look back through past issues, you can find those here.


The futures we make

Hello! If you're new around here or have quietly been around, I'd love to meet you. Feel free to reply or find me on Twitter. This newsletter is only as fun as the people who sit behind the screens.


Happy Black History Month

It's pretty wild that there are over 200 of us sitting here on this little corner of the internet. If you're new (or old) to this newsletter, I'd love to hear more about you. My inbox is always open for a chat.


Is this co-design?

Hello hello. While hibernating over the holidays, this community gained a couple new faces. Welcome!


Imagining a better world (and a happy new year)

Hi, hello! Can anyone believe it's the end of the year? Welcome to the final issue of 2020.


Maybe I'm biased, but

Hi, hello! And for those of you who celebrate it, happy Thanksgiving.


What do we mean by community?

Hint hint: There are a lot of upcoming events featured in Loose Ends if you scroll down.


A few good things

Hello, hello, hi and welcome.


Many different versions

Hello! Welcome. If you ever feel like looking back at past issues, you can find them right here.


What love looks like in public spaces

Welcome back! And a quick apology for the radio silence last Thursday, it was one of those weeks...


Moving beyond rapport

Welcome! A few new faces this week. If you find yourself enjoying Design With, it'd be a treat if you shared with a friend.


Attribution in co-design

Oh, hello! It's nice to "see" you.


A glimpse of hope

Hi! A small reminder that you can forward this newsletter to a friend, if you feel like it.


A place to come together

Hi there! If you missed last week's issue, it was all about power. Also, if there's a topic you're interested in or might like to guest-write, my replies are happily waiting.


Let's talk about power

Welcome back! If you like reading this newsletter, I'd be delighted if you shared it with a friend, colleague, or your internet pals.


Designing for care, with care

It's September! Wild. Hope you're enjoying yours so far.


Re-framing remote research

Hi, hello, welcome! A reminder that you can find past issues here.