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By Tyler Gindraux

Maybe I'm biased, but





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Maybe I'm biased, but
By Tyler Gindraux • Issue #17 • View online
Hi, hello! And for those of you who celebrate it, happy Thanksgiving.

Text: This Week
Text: This Week
I’ve often heard bias described as a lens. Each of us walks around with our own lenses, our ways of seeing the world. Throughout this newsletter, we’ve thought about how things like power or attribution are inevitably weaved into participatory design processes, and bias is just the same.
This week I’m jumping straight into the resources. If you feel like having a listen, try David Dylan Thomas’ podcast. If you’re someone who prefers lists, then Buster’s cheat sheet might be a better start.
In the last month I’ve gotten the opportunity to connect with some of you over video calls or sometimes just a quick email. It’s so nice to learn more about your practices and I’m humbled you find this newsletter worth your time. Thanks y'all.
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