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Designing with care

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Designing with care
By Tyler Gindraux • Issue #25 • View online
It’s been quiet around here! If you’re new and eager, I’d suggest a look through the archives.

Where I am in the world, the end of winter is approaching slowly. Which takes a mental fortitude I only claim on rare days. It’s not a harsh winter – but complaining helps me get through a lot of rain and a bit of darkness.
There are other things that help. Reminding myself that the rain’s filling our previously empty dams. Going on walks, especially on the cold days. And more cups of tea than I’d like to admit.
If there’s anything I do love about winter it’s this. Winter reminds you of how to take care of yourself.
You may have guessed that today I’m sharing resources about designing for and with care. Without further ado.
If you would like to get involved in writing an issue of Design With, please do get in touch. Thank you to those who have reached out already.
Until next time!
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