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Issue #1

the Des Femmes newsletter
the Des Femmes newsletter
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We’ll publish tutorials and interviews with badass women that align with our mission, to increase women’s power through more money and more freedom of choice. (Email if you want to get involved with our community!) Without further ado, our first interview is with Kalen Iwamoto, founder of the Crypto Writers Discord community with roughly 200 people. 
Kalen started “dabbling” in crypto in 2017, then published poetry for the first time using NFTs during the pandemic.  
“I don’t like the bitcoin maximalist culture, but I do see bitcoin like gold. Ethereum is more of what I work with. It makes my experiments possible,” she said. “My 12 project, for example, couldn’t have been published traditionally. We made a wallet and put 12 NFTs in there, then used the seed phrase to make a poem. Then I sold that poem, selling 8 editions out of 50. There were clues to the wallet’s seed phrase in the unlockable content of the NFTs sold on OpenSea. What ended up happening was the first collector who cracked the code of the seed phrase only took half of the NFT prizes and left the other half for the next person. Then two other collectors shared their answers and collaboratively opened the wallet together. They shared the remaining NFTs.” 
Now she’s blazing a unique, hybrid career path utilizing a diverse set of creative skills. 
“I’m still a French translator for my main income,” she said. “The NFTs I’m selling on OpenSea, the first 10 NFTs I sold for 0.05 ETH, and they sold well so I raised the price to 0.1 ETH for the next 10. With @digitalartchick’s project Etherpoems, including 21 poets that collectively share the profits ($100,000 for roughly 200 poems), that could become another source of income… Now I don’t turn the income into fiat. We keep it as crypto.”
Since she didn’t know about any pre-existing communities for crypto-savvy writers, she started reaching out on social media to build her network. 
“I was just really excited about the possibilities and the new models of publishing. I wanted to build a community where other writers can meet each other,” she said. “I started with a tweet, tagging other writers that I’ve met, and the Discord grew organically.” 
To see more of Iwamoto’s work, follow her on Twitter and see how she’s exploring new ways to publish creative writing with blockchain-based tools. If you have any questions for her, feel free to ask them in the comments. Until next time, stay curious!
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the Des Femmes newsletter
the Des Femmes newsletter

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