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Creative Slump, New Notion Template & Is Bitcoin like Fungi? - Issue #2

Philipp Stelzel
Philipp Stelzel
Welcome to my monthly newsletter where I am talking about Notion, productivity, and topics that are important to me. 

First: I hope you all had a great start into a new month :)
Second: Sorry for being late. Actually, I always attempt to send this newsletter on the first day of the month, but I struggled a lot with my creativity lately and I couldn’t force myself to produce a lot of content in October.
This is also because I was very busy with my business clients: It is actually the first year that I feel like I am not chasing clients, but clients are chasing me.
I believe this is mainly a benefit of using Notion as this app has made me a much more structured person. But the best thing about Notion is that it also allowed me to follow some creative side hustles:
This year, besides serving my agency clients, I started blogging, restarted YouTube, got active on Twitter again - after more than 5 years - and started creating digital products on Gumroad.
Unfortunately, last month I had the feeling that I was burned out from doing too much at the same time.
My mind felt blank and instead of writing new essays or editing videos, I spent a lot of time playing video games or watching YouTube videos.
Maybe I just need some holidays to regenerate. What do you think?
New Template for Notion: The Freelancer Compass
However, despite my creative slump, I managed at least to publish one new Notion template.
What is it about?
It is a Project & Task Management Dashboard for Freelancers who are using Notion.
This template comes with the following functionalities: GTD Dashboard, Eisenhower Matrix, Kanban Priority Board, Time Tracking, Progress Bar, Daily Tasks Overview, Priority Calculation & Revenue Stats.
It is a template for the ones who think outside the box. The ones who have the courage to follow their dreams in a chaotic world: Freelancers, content creators, small businesses.
We all share a similar story: We started our journey because we couldn’t conform. We wanted to escape the dread of bullsh*t jobs, and dreamed of following a path that would fulfill our potential and manifest our dreams into reality.
It attempts to help you to channel your energy in the right direction, so you can find your purpose again and, in doing so, take your business to a new level with ease.
The best: Additionally, you can book an onboarding call with me to learn all the functionalities of this template within 30 minutes. Follow this link, the first 10 people will get a 50% discount on the template and the onboarding call:
Bitcoin is like Fungi
In October, I also really fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole. Not for the first time - I first got into cryptos in 2013 - but I think it’s only in the past 30 days that I’ve really understood what kind of revolution is happening.
Observation: The 2017 hype cycle was mostly fueled by greed. Today the hype cycle is much more intellect-driven instead. But maybe, I just discovered better BTC influencers.
By the way. I loved this quote by Robert Breedlove:
“Bitcoin is money without masters: a system governed by rules instead of rulers”
And on YouTube, I was amazed by this video, which is describing Bitcoin as a decentralized organism, similar to fungi.
Fungi are predominantly made up of mycelium — an underground decentralized intelligence network.” Some describe it as the earth’s natural internet.
They don’t have a centralized brain but “these networks form a decentralized consensus on how to use resources, when to reproduce, and what strategy best defends the organism.” And ironically this consensus mimics the decentralized consensus of the Bitcoin network.
If you want to learn more about this, watch the video or read the corresponding article:
Speed Reading vs Deep Reading
Talking of YouTube: My personal channel was growing as well and reached 300 subscribers. Some months ago, I planned to publish a weekly video, in reality, last month I just managed to create a single video.
Speed reading sucks, try deep reading instead
What do you think about it? Should we read more books, or is it more important to squeeze more out of just a few books?
I would love to hear your comment!
Until next time 🙂
All the best from Vienna, Philipp
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Philipp Stelzel
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