The Age of Sustainability

By Denis Pombriant

Starting with root causes a full discussion of what's ailing climate and what we can and are doing to fix it. There is so much news about solutions every day that this will give hope to even the most cynical.

Starting with root causes a full discussion of what's ailing climate and what we can and are doing to fix it. There is so much news about solutions every day that this will give hope to even the most cynical.

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The Age of Sustainability - Toyota’s Disastrous Political Entrepreneurship

There was a somewhat disturbing article in the New York Times about Toyota acting as a drag on the move to battery-powered electric cars throughout the world. Ironically, the piece also demonstrates the unstoppable force that electric driving now has, virtual…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #16 A more important reason to phase out fossil fuels. We’re running out.

The world seems to be handling the climate issue as if there were multiple alternative explanations to choose among. One side claims that pollution from burning fossil fuels is a runaway train heading toward climate disaster, the other argues that everything …


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #15 - Storage, Grifters

Early on I made the point that the climate crisis was rife with opportunities for film-flam. The science isn't hard if you know science, but if you don't, there are many ideas that sound good but can be quite costly and that just don't work on scientific grou…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #15 - Private Involvement

There's a sense of frustration about climate shared by regular people and some titans of industry. And why not? To be honest, governments around the world have done very little but call attention to the problem of global warming and related issues at a time w…


The Age of Sustainability - How Change Happens

Ever look at some new phenomenon and wonder how it happened? Ever been surprised by it? Seems like one moment there is no concept of a hula hoop and the next instant everyone has or wants one. How does this happen?In my research I've seen time after time tha…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #13 - The Good Life

Damned if you do damned if you don't, it's a classic description of a no-good-alternatives decision and it's an apt descriptor of the outlook on world Population trends. On one hand the UN did a metaanalysis of population estimates and concluded that earth's …


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #12 Charging Ahead

So batteries are one of the bottlenecks to electric driving adoption. They determine cost of the vehicle, which must be competitive with gasoline equivalents and range, or the distance a car can go on a charge. Assume a car owner has charging equipment at hom…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #10 - Geothermal Rocks

Start with this. You can get geothermal energy almost anywhere, even in Britain. This story talks about the economic advantages of building up the geothermal industry there. The story writes itself and is much the sam in the USA. Why not everywhere? Do a quic…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #9 All About Batteries

I love this because in it Elon talks about removing barriers to building a $25k car. With batteries being so expensive to make right now, they seem to be the bottleneck.


Brass Tacks: The Age of Sustainability - Issue #8

Most people not wedded to Qanon understand that fixing climate involves cessation of carbon pollution. What's more obscure is that we need to remove some of the carbon we've been accumulating since the dawn of Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution. Even fe…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #7 - We need nuclear like a fish needs a scooter

Should we go nuclear? Wrong question. Better question: How much electric power do we need and what are the options for getting it? We currently consume about 1.1 terawatts of power daily from all sources. But bringing online things like geothermal power would…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #6 - Stop the Grift

This story says that Exxon is looking to start a profit-making business that will capture carbon and pump it into old oil wells. Trouble is that they also need government help in the form of a carbon tax on all of us and maybe a few billion from the governmen…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #5

Polluting your own groundwater is an old story. Cholera was eliminated in London in the 19th century by closing wells that were too close to latrines and building a state of the art sewage system. The story is predictable and for that reason we need public-pr…


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #4

Carbon sequestration is the biggest opportunity for grift and ripoff since Trump University. We need to remove 3 trillion tons of carbon from the environment and sequester it safely for millions of years. This project does a couple million tons per year at a …


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #3

Capitalism depends on organic population growth to produce ever larger markets, but what happens if population goes in the other direction? Today, mainstream markets have fallen to organic or replacement growth rates and the more interesting action happens in…


The Age of Sustainability

If you've ever been a young man with car dreams and not much money, you know the value of recycling and junkyards. I could get rhapsodic about junkyards (and their dogs) but won't. Suffice it to say that we've been recycling lead-acid batteries since forever …


The Age of Sustainability - Issue #1

We've moved from Nuzzel (discontinuing the platform) to Revue. I am hoping to continue talking about, and providing data for, all aspects of sustainability. This means going beyond just fuel alternatives and carbon abatement to examine root causes in economic…