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The Age of Sustainability - Issue #9 All About Batteries

The Age of Sustainability - Issue #9 All About Batteries
By Denis Pombriant • Issue #9 • View online
Getting to zero net carbon emissions is a nice goal. But we won’t get there if all we do is pontificate about the righteousness of the cause; there’s got to be some goal setting and making. We can’t talk about everything at once so let’s focus on battery technology because getting the society to rely on electric driving will hinge on several things. First there’s overall cost of the vehicle and a major component of the is cost of battery. Then there’s range which boils down to energy density of the battery. Also keep in mind recharge time. Naturally the higher capacity the battery, the less recharging comes in to the picture. Today’s issue of The Age of Sustainability is all about batteries.

I love this because in it Elon talks about removing barriers to building a $25k car. With batteries being so expensive to make right now, they seem to be the bottleneck.
Tesla taps tiny startup’s tech to build cheaper, cleaner batteries – TechCrunch
One of the inventors of the Lithium battery was at Univ. Texas a few years ago working on a solid state battery. I don’t know if this effort is related but going solid state, i.e. no electrolyte, can be a game changer.
BMW and Ford Invest in Solid-State Battery Startup for Future EVs
The battery market is really hot with lots of competing ideas. I don’t have an opinion on this article.
Largo Resources taps Brazil in vanadium battery push | The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO
Good advice that boils down to buying what’s on the market, not what’s on the drawing board.
E.V. Buying Guide: What to Know About Models, Batteries, Charging and More - The New York Times
This is an academic paper with a pay wall. You most likely won’t read it but its existence shows how dug in the industry already is.
Ultrafast Charging and Stable Cycling Dual‐Ion Batteries Enabled via an Artificial Cathode–Electrolyte Interface - Wang - - Advanced Functional Materials - Wiley Online Library
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