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The Age of Sustainability - Issue #5

The Age of Sustainability - Issue #5
By Denis Pombriant • Issue #5 • View online
The reason climate is starting a new economic reality (aka a K-Wave) is that it touches so many areas. You can’t solve climate without changing the energy paradigm so we have electric cars ini showrooms right now. To deal with the effects of a drying planet it’s ultra important to begin provisioning freshwater from new sources. So we’re talking a lot about desalinating seawater and storing fresh water in aquifers that haven been overdrawn in the last few decades. Natural systems like aquifers are a treasure not to be wasted through pollution or over use. The solution to climate is a combination of old and new technologies and wise governance that includes diplomacy. For instance the last thing we need right now is a nuclear arms race among small, nuclear-tipped nations like Pakistan or Iran.

The pieces of a climate solution are converging
Polluting your own groundwater is an old story. Cholera was eliminated in London in the 19th century by closing wells that were too close to latrines and building a state of the art sewage system. The story is predictable and for that reason we need public-private partnerships that keep us from getting into trouble. Lawsuits after the fact are not very useful.
Payout is set for foul water at poultry site
The same tech that desalinates seawater also cleans up used grey water from cities and towns. We should look there for new freshwater sources because the plumbing is easier and so is the effort. Having a way to remove heavy metals is very important to reclaiming the freshwater supply.
UC Berkeley: Improved Desalination Process Also Removes Toxic Metals To Produce Clean Water | Berkeley, CA Patch
Last time I looked the US was third in the world for desalination, though a lot of the tech comes from America. The Middle East has a booming population and needs more freshwater to continue growing. But also consider how many marginal lands could be brought under the plow if there was ample water. Not an idle question as we head toward a world population of 10 billion at mid-century.
Acciona kicks off full operations at Dubai desalination plant
When the media talks about candidates for increased alternative energy production they inevitably call out wind, solar, and nuclear. But the money involved in making the renewable future isn’t going there, especially to nuclear because it’s a tech that is tapped out. Solar and wind, while great, will be limited too just as hydroelectric dams are limited because there are only so many rivers. The smart money, as you see in this report, is moving into geothermal because it doesn’t pollute, doesn’t require acres of land for panels or wind mills, and because it’s always on and can replace fossil fuel plants for base load power.
Geothermal Energy Market will touch a new level in upcoming year | AltaRock Energy, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Calpine – NeighborWebSJ
Don’t read this unless you’re buying an EV. But think about it: There is a market with lots of competition and sales on Amazon for these chargers. All of this spells new category, new industry, and new investment opportunities.
The 5 best EV chargers you can buy on Amazon right now - TechRepublic
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