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The Age of Sustainability - Issue #12 Charging Ahead

The Age of Sustainability - Issue #12 Charging Ahead
By Denis Pombriant • Issue #11 • View online
So batteries are one of the bottlenecks to electric driving adoption. They determine cost of the vehicle, which must be competitive with gasoline equivalents and range, or the distance a car can go on a charge. Assume a car owner has charging equipment at home and you can estimate round trips in a single day of 200+ miles. Add charging stations at strategic places and range and be greatly extended.
We need charging stations at many different points and the early deployment options seem focused on the paths most traveled. This would leave us with charging as a thing to do in the middle of a trip leaving drivers waiting around for the job to finish. A more strategic approach would be to place charging stations not where people drive but where they park. This means parking lots and similar places we leave our cars.
Today’s articles focus on this problem. Early planning is putting charging along driving paths but innovation in multi-car charging systems (from Tesla and Fastned) seem focused on the end game of charging where you park. Pay attention!
Most importantly take a look at the Ford F-150 Lightning, an all electric truck. What’s most interesting about the Lightning is that Ford made a conscious effort to rethink what an electric truck could do beyond driving. They cam up with a vehicle that can use its battery to power a home during a power outage and much more. I think that’s how you sell electric driving.

We Need to Build More EV Chargers, but Where?
Tesla and Fastned create 'Energy Superhub' charging station - Electrek
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