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The Age of Sustainability

The Age of Sustainability
By Denis Pombriant • Issue #2 • View online
This is our first issue on the new platform and we’re very excited. Please use the links on this site to tell us what you like and what you don’t, and ask plenty of questions about how weft climate.

Today, Batteries and Such
Inside Redwood Materials, former Tesla CTO's effort to recycle batteries for rare components
If you’ve ever been a young man with car dreams and not much money, you know the value of recycling and junkyards. I could get rhapsodic about junkyards (and their dogs) but won’t. Suffice it to say that we’ve been recycling lead-acid batteries since forever and we can do the same with lithium. It’s not only good for the planet but it’s also good business
New Type of Battery Can Charge 10x Faster Than Lithium-Ion Models
Somewhat confusing, this is still a lithium battery or a battery that can be made with Lithium and other elements with a plus 1 charge. The sales material referenced is not an element but an organic (carbon containing) compound that can give up and take on electrons easily. Battery research picked up about 20 years ago after being a backwater for most of a century. This and other advances in battery R&D show that EVs and other devices that need to carry energy with them have a bright future.
A lightweight and durable radiator for cooling electric vehicle batteries | EurekAlert! Science News
I was hoping we wouldn’t need a cooling system for EV batteries. I think this is a short term thing just like cooling fans in PCs were eventually eliminated by Apple (notice how quiet your iMac is?) I expect we won’t need cooling systems for EV batteries as new materials and designs come onto the market. Still it’s nice to see another solution popping up to make EVs more of a reality.
Powering the Bottom Line: Soil has some answers to address climate change
I am naturally suspicious of business journals offering climate solutions. In my humble opinion carbon sequestration is THE best place in the whole climate discussion for grift. Here are the Cliff Notes: The carbon we’re putting into the air daily has been sequestered underground for better than 100 million years. Any solution to the climate crisis has to return that carbon to that state. pumping CO2 underground will cause leaks and not sequester it for very long. Similarly, putting it into the soil might acidify the soil and make it hard to grow crops. Sequestering carbon is an interesting challenge that is solvable, but the proposed solutions I’ve seen seem oriented at first making money and they will likely only work for a period well short of 100 million years. We’ll talk a lot about carbon capture and sequestration here, We’ll support good ideas and point out the fallacies in the rest.
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Denis Pombriant

Starting with root causes a full discussion of what's ailing climate and what we can and are doing to fix it. There is so much news about solutions every day that this will give hope to even the most cynical.

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