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Recap of DeFi Space, September 2021

Defiprime Newsletter
Defiprime Newsletter
New DeFi Products
  • Merit Circle is a new DAO, with the main objective of maximizing value accrual across many different games in the metaverse, and also creating a platform at the intersection between investors, platform managers, and players.
  • Provably Rare Gems One of Alpha Finance Lab’s new products in September was Provably Rare Gems, which are ERC-1155 tokens for gemstones (GEMs) designed for use in the metaverse. They apply the PoW (Proof-of-Work) concept, mining GEMs off-chain, with each GEM maintaining its own difficulty.
  • EnterDAO is a decentralized organization on the ETH blockchain that was announced on September 9th. Its main founding goals include the mission to build products enabling new markets within the metaverse and empower users, investors, and other people.
  • Sherlock Protocol is a new risk management platform built on the Ethereum blockchain and is designed to keep end-users protected by providing affordable and very scalable coverage to protocols.
  • Olympus Pro is a new product coming from OlympusDAO which aims to create a service for protocols looking to utilize bonds in their emissions programs, while also seeking low overhead and max impact. Olympus Pro also provides its partners with infrastructure, expertise, and exposure.
  • TIMEPieces, a new product by TIME magazine, is a new initiative and collection of more than 4500 unique NFTs from more than 40 artists. is a sponsor of our monthly newsletter 🙏 is a sponsor of our monthly newsletter 🙏 is a protocol for decentralised governance. At its heart is a DAO that governs a dApp suite, which provides all the tools that decentralised organisations will need to build a sustainable token economy. champions collaboration and digital democracy through decentralised technology and welcomes new and established protocols to upgrade their markets and governance.
What’s new at Defiprime
Defiprime listed a handful of new products this month. They include:
  • Trader Joe, a one-stop DeFi protocol and trading platform, which helps users swap between tokens on Avalanche. ✅
  • L2beat, an analytics and research website about Ethereum L2 scaling and in-depth comparisons of major protocols live on the Ethereum blockchain. ✅
Interviews with DeFi projects
  • Looking for new protocols to explore? We recently talked with Pascal Tallarida of Jarvis Network, about how they are creating the Synthereum Protocol, which enables 0-slippage swaps with deep liquidity and also scalability. Find it here.
  • Interested in asset management and security? We recently talked with Sergey Onyshchenko of DeHive Finance about how they are building a one-click DeFi Asset Manager, based on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, which aims to make yields for purchased assets and purchasing assets easier. Find it here.
  • Looking for something promising? We talked with the APWine team recently, about how they got into crypto, and what all of us could do when we can tokenize the yield. Find it here.
Noteworthy Links
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Upcoming DeFi Events
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Defiprime Newsletter
Defiprime Newsletter @defiprime

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