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Recap of DeFi Space, November 2021

Defiprime Newsletter
Defiprime Newsletter
🆕 New DeFi Products
Ribbon Treasury, made by Ribbon Finance, is a private Ribbon vault built for DAOs, and to help DAOs run covered calls on their own tokens. Each vault runs a custom strategy for each DAO, and is separated from the main vaults.
Aave V3 is the third version of the Aave Protocol, which introduces features like Portal, which allows assets to go from Aave V3 markets to different networks, L2-Specific features, High Efficiency Mode which allows borrowers to extract the highest borrowing power, and more.
Genie Swap is an NFT marketplace aggregator on Ethereum, where users can buy, sell, and trade on all big NFT marketplaces in a single transaction.
DeFrag is a lending protocol made for NFT owners who want to access instant liquidity. The protocol also allows you to use your NFTs as collateral, and ranks the creditworthiness of your NFTs based on different factors.
Gelato Ops is a multi-chain smart contract automation hub, which allows web3 devs to automate on-chain tasks through an easily usable interface.
SmartSwap is Krystal’s new product, which aims to bring you the best rates with minimum slippage when optimizing trade routes for you.
Bancor 3 is a new protocol version of the BancorDAO, which aims to reduce costs for both traders and stakers, and make it easier for users to profit off of their favorite tokens. is a sponsor of our monthly newsletter 🙏 is a sponsor of our monthly newsletter 🙏 is a protocol for decentralised governance. At its heart is a DAO that governs a dApp suite, which provides all the tools that decentralised organisations will need to build a sustainable token economy. champions collaboration and digital democracy through decentralised technology and welcomes new and established protocols to upgrade their markets and governance.
#DeFi 2022 predictions thread 👇
(Thoughts on ecosystem and community macro trends, in no particular order)
❓What’s new at Defiprime
Defiprime listed a handful of new products this month. They include:
  • InsurAce, a multi-chain protocol which aims to provide insurance to DeFi users, and protect investment funds from many different risks✅
  • Solend, an algorithmic decentralized protocol designed for lending and borrowing on Solana, while also allowing you to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets ✅
  • Olympus DAO, a decentralized reserve currency protocol based on $OHM, backed by assets in the Olympus treasury ✅
  • XDEFI, a cross-chain wallet extension, which has native integrations on THORChain, Ethereum, and several EVM networks, along with Terra✅
Interviews with DeFi projects
  • We recently talked with Anastasiya Belyaeva of PieDAO, who told us about how their community who cares about financial inclusion are building passive income products for everybody. Find it here.
🔗 Noteworthy Links
💸 Venture Financing
Upcoming DeFi Events
DeFi is coming. Don’t get left behind. Daily DeFi news at our Telegram announcement channel👇👇👇
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Defiprime Newsletter
Defiprime Newsletter @defiprime

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