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Recap of DeFi Space, July 2021

Defiprime Newsletter
Defiprime Newsletter
New DeFi Products
  • Fixed ForexFixed Forex is a decentralized stablecoin framework built by Andre Cronje, that is designed to be immutable, 0 fee, and 0 governance. It also introduces gentle liquidations, with the absolute minimum amount of debt being repaid to bring a users position to an even stance, with no more worry about the full stack being liquidated further down in drawn down events.
  • Beta FinanceBeta Finance is, in its own words, the first permissionless money market protocol aimed at being able to lend, borrow, and short any crypto asset. It also aims to make the shorting process simple and fast, with the click of a button.
  • TridentTrident is Sushi’s new next-gen AMM, in which the core focus is on capital efficiency and cryptocurrency volatility protection, through powerful yet intuitive easy-to-use tools.
  • HadesDAOHadesDAO, a project which has not launched, is a factory for the general DAO design. In that factory, you’re able to create a HadesDAO for yourself, using their tool called Perseus, in which the aim is to create an ecosystem of HadesDAOs backed by a variety of assets.
  • TWAMMTWAMM, or the time-weighted average market maker, is a new concept of AMM that would help traders execute large orders with great efficiency, by breaking long-term orders into infinitely many small pieces and executing them smoothly over time. is a sponsor of our monthly newsletter for the next 6 months 🙏 is a protocol for decentralised governance. At its heart is a DAO that governs a dApp suite, which provides all the tools that decentralised organisations will need to build a sustainable token economy. champions collaboration and digital democracy through decentralised technology and welcomes new and established protocols to upgrade their markets and governance.
What’s new at Defiprime
Defiprime listed a handful of new products this month. They include:
  • NFTKEY, a decentralized NFT marketplace that allows for ETH and BSC NFTs to be listed, bid on, bought and sold without centralized servers.✅
Interviews with DeFi projects
Noteworthy Links
💸 Venture Financing
Upcoming DeFi Events
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Defiprime Newsletter
Defiprime Newsletter @defiprime

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