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Recap of DeFi Space, April 2022

Defiprime Newsletter
Defiprime Newsletter
🆕 New DeFi Products
Fractal is an omni-chain fixed yield protocol, which aims to allow users to deposit stablecoins from any chain and receive yield. 
SyncSwap is a seamless and powerful DEX built on zkSync, aimed at buy/sell and swap trades.
Swap is an AMM that has features like incorporated pools, liquidity utilization, and also VE tokenomics. 
Loop is a DeFi project aiming to create recurring crypto payments and effectively introduce autopay to web3. 
Berachain is a DeFi project aiming to be a high-performance and scalable, EVM-equivalent smart contract, alongside being a cross-chain interoperability platform. 
Exit App is a tool that aims to allow DAO members to redeem a designated token in exchange for a proportion of a Safe’s treasury.
Gamma is a sponsor of our newsletter 🤝
Gamma is a sponsor of our newsletter 🤝
Gamma it is the protocol for active liquidity management that enables active liquidity management on Uniswap v3. Gamma has developed a protocol, a management infrastructure, and a variety of strategies used by managers and market makers.
❓What’s new at Defiprime
  • Gem is an NFT aggregator in which you can buy multiple NFTs with any tokens, and that optimizes gas fees. ✅
  • X, which is a community-owned cross-chain Marketplace for NFTs, allows users to collect, create, and sell NFTs. ✅
🔗 Noteworthy Links
💸 Venture Financing
🗓️ Upcoming DeFi Events
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Defiprime Newsletter
Defiprime Newsletter @defiprime

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