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What makes Deen Games so Different? - Issue #1

Night Blade
Night Blade
Why did I start Deen Games in the first place?

Deen Games logo
Deen Games logo
I started Deen Games in 2010 with a simple vision: make games about Islam and Muslims. It began out of a simple desire to see my religion portrayed in games. This means a few things:
  • Games where the teachings of Islam are key, and central to the story.
  • Games with Muslim characters acting, well, like Muslims.
  • Games without content that Muslims would find objectionable.
I believe that these games will also humanize Muslims (who are often demonized in media, not to mention antagonists of military first-person shooter games), and open doors of dialog and discussion that wouldn’t exist without them.
Games also provide an interesting and unique opportunity: to showcase and teach about Islam in an interesting sci-fi or fantasy setting. (I grew up playing SNES/PS1 JRPGs so this appeals to me a great deal.)
I hope you’ll find my games interesting, fun, and thought-provoking! You can check them out on If you have any feedback or thoughts, let me know. (I read every email, even if I don’t respond to all of them.)
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Night Blade
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