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Top Three Islamic Games I made - Issue #3

Night Blade
Night Blade
The top Islamic games I made over the last decade, and what I like about them.

I made more than a dozen games over these 10+ years for various different reasons and goals. Which ones are the best ones, the ones that really capture and exemplify the kind of games I set out to make? (I talked in Issue #2 about the kinds of games I set out to make.)
Here they are, in order of most awesome first:
  • A Day and a Night: A man who killed 100 people flees to a small village to start his life over. Will he choose good or evil?
  • Eman Quest: A young woman’s journey to rescue her father from a skeleton, and eventually confronts a possessed magician.
  • Quest for the Royal Jelly: The royal jelly eats adventurers and claims to be all-knowing! Can you put a stop to him?
Two are JRPGs, and one is JRPG-like; that’s because those are the types of game I love most. But what I like about these games - particularly A Day and a Night - is how they seamlessly integrate Islamic ideas and values.
In A Day and a Night, you play the role of a man who killed 99 +1 people, and then left his town to change his ways. The underlying story comes directly from a canonical text (hadith - statement of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) - in which the man dies before reaching the village, but Allah (God) forgives him because he made effort to change his ways.
You can choose to be good, or succumb to your evil history, with every action; both paths unlock and lock unique quests and dialog options.
The game includes a lot of references to Islamic texts (there are 20ish achievements to unlock, and each includes a reference to a canonical text about that achievement). Plus, it’s stuffed with Islamic references:
  • The basis is a story from history / Islamic origin
  • One quest-line that deals with jinns (powerful invisible creatures with super speed, super strength, and can possess humans)
  • In-game items for honey and a quest for black seed, both of which have medicinal uses rooted in Islamic texts
  • All the characters (good and bad) have Muslim/Arabic names
  • A quest related to praying, and another to seeking knowledge, which are highly respectable acts in Islam
  • Actions related to grave-worship, praying to dead people (grave sins in Islam), and statue-breaking
I think that’s what I like about the game. It’s straight-forward, not preachy.
If you have some free time, try them out, hit reply, and let me know what you think! What parts did you like and dislike? All three are quite short, and can be completed in under an hour.
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Night Blade
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