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Quick Gem Worlds update + less updates for a bit

Night Blade
Night Blade
Content complete, lots of bugs, and Ramadan coming

Hello! My family and I got COVID-19, and are currently recovering (worst is over), which put a damper on my plans. Around that, a steady steam of progress.
Since most of the game content is done, I won’t be working on anything too visible for a while. Some polish perhaps, a lot of bug-fixes, but nothing worth showing. Thus, newsletter updates will likely slow down and become sporadic until the Early Access release (and demo release).
Also, Ramadan is coming in April - a month where Muslims typically fast during daylight hours and pray long into the night. I usually don’t work on any games until it’s over, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me. (You can still follow me on Twitter at @nightblade99 or poke me on Discord if you want smaller updates.)
That said, this week, I added visual variations to many, many things - everything from environment obstacles (e.g. teleporters) to boulders to walls. I think it improves the look, although I hope the different obstacle visuals don’t confuse players. I also added some much-needed sounds (like digging) with a few variations.
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Night Blade
Night Blade @deengames

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