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New Game Project + Ramadan Hiatus - Issue #7

Night Blade
Night Blade
Yep, I ditched the match-3 roguelike hybrid game idea, and here’s why.

I decided to stop working on the Match-3 roguelike. Why? Lots of reasons, the main ones being that the roguelike loop was utterly boring (despite being the third or fourth prototype of mechanics), and it didn’t really fit my goals well (make a puzzle-roguelike hybrid for PC). Honestly, it felt like a constant slog working on it.
Me personally, I’m frequently torn between “I must make small projects because I’ll get something done this year” and “well I just want to make massive JRPGs, how can I scale them down?” So perhaps it comes as no surprise that my next project is a JRPG.
I don’t know much yet - just an overall plot (save the world from an ancient evil creature that almost destroyed it), major features (hybrid tactical/JRPG battles, open-world), and a plan for how to inject Islamic content into it (both in the overall plot and the tiny details).
Ramadan is coming up in a couple of days (the Islamic month of fasting by day and praying extra prayers at night), so I likely won’t progress much for the next 30ish days. InshaAllah (God willing), I will post something next when I can show something concrete (likely the battle engine).
Ramadan mubarak in advance to everyone who’s fasting! Wishing you a month of fasting, good deeds, charity, and acquiring taqwa (getting closer to God).
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Night Blade
Night Blade @nightblade99

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