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My Secret Ingredient for Islamic Games - Issue #6

Night Blade
Night Blade
I learned this trick from watching and analyzing Ertugrul, an excellent Turkish action-adventure drama

For my current project (match-3 roguelike), I ended up rewriting the story three times to make it Islamic. While the backstory is fairly generic - three shuyookh (scholars) created powerful crystals to seal away an ancient enemy - the actual NPCs in town, which are a large portion of the game, all have very distinct, Islamic personalities and motivations for being there. Kind of like this fellow:
Meet Deli Demir, a blacksmith from the Kayi tribe in the series Ertugrul.
Meet Deli Demir, a blacksmith from the Kayi tribe in the series Ertugrul.
I don’t often talk about my motivations in terms of media. Last year, I learned of an excellent “action-adventure” drama, Ertugrul, (very) loosely based around history. It takes place 1280CE, and revolves around the Muslim (Turkish) Kayi tribe, their struggles and conflicts with Crusaders, Mongols, and traitors. I highly recommend watching it, as it plays from the perspective of Muslims as the heroes. *Very* cool!
Deli Demir (pictured above) is one of those characters. He’s your typical blacksmith: strong, stoic, but also a family man (cares greatly for his daughter). As an NPC, he would be your generic blacksmith.
Except for one difference: he’s highly motivated by his faith. He talks about how his faith motivates him, how he forges weapons and armour to help the Muslims succeed in battles and defend themselves. He’s a powerful, unforgettable character.
And that’s the secret ingredient I alluded to in issue #4: it’s not just the plot, it’s making iconic Muslims charactersm shaped and motivated by their faith (and vocal about it) that really create that Islamic environment. And that’s something I hope to add more of in my games going forward.
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Night Blade
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