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Grab Oneons for Free, and a New Broughlike

Night Blade
Night Blade
One year in, Oneons is now free. And, a new project. Maybe.

One year after building and shipping Oneons - my first commercial Steam game - you can now grab it for free. If you haven’t already, give it a try (and please leave me a review!). It’s a short, procedural game (broughlike, or roguelike-like-like) about balancing health and energy as you explore and descend.
You can grab it on Steam.
Second, I’ve been flip-flopping between many, many ideas in the last few weeks. Nothing is firm, but each new idea ends up being quite a bit smaller than the last. The current one is pretty much done, actually (in terms of a “technical prototype” where I implement all the major game systems).
Inspired by Boulder Dash (I played the NES version a ton), but more in the vein of roguelikes, it’s a procedural boulder-smashing crystal-grabbing turn-based “active” puzzle game with permanent upgrades. Here’s what the demo level looks like:
Collecting the specified number of gems unlocks the exit. If you reach it alive, that completes the level.
Boulders move when you do. They roll downward, crushing anything that happens to fall beneath them, like the player.
Deen Games, by NightBlade99
First look at a turn-based #roguelike concept:
- Collect gems, dodge boulders that crush you (and monsters)
- Monster AIs: wander, chase, pattern
- Collect enough gems to unlock the exit

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You can also see the different monster “AIs” in this demo:
  • Some enemies just wander around randomly (eye rock)
  • Some enemies actively hunt you once they see you (flaming eye)
  • Some enemies just wander in a pattern, e.g. clockwise (snake)
I’m not sure yet if I’ll keep working on this and finish it. Excitingly, all the core systems are done: boulders fall, roll, and crush you and monsters; monsters have simplistic AIs; you can collect gems and exit. All I really need is content, and the key: a procedural level generator.
I spent a fair amount of time researching the design and game design of Boulder Dash. Despite being a popular franchise and ancient game, hardly any articles exist about it. The game designers of the NES did an amazing job making 24 unique levels of increasing difficulty and variable types of challenges, despite using just two basic monster types, walls, and boulders.
If I can build a level generator that spits out compelling levels, I may well end up polishing and finishing this game. If not, I have a second roguelike project in the works, which I won’t say much more about just now.
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Night Blade
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