Gem Worlds: World Five Update





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Night Blade
Night Blade
Good progress on the fifth and final world

Hello! This week, I completed the tiles for the fifth world. Unlike other worlds, it only uses two auto-tiles; albeit with the background, it looks quite spectacular. See for yourself:
Gem World: First Look at Spaceship World
Gem World: First Look at Spaceship World
This video includes the environmental obstacle: laser receptacles. These bad boys oscillate between on - which creates a wide field that damages anything in it - and off. Time your moves carefully!
Also, you can see the first enemy here: a Bomberman-inspired bomb-dropping robots. Bombs turn dark red and glow right before they explode. Chaining explosions can lead to interesting results!
Also, other than this world, I disabled the background parallax - it makes some people think the game is looking top-down, which is confusing.
Thanks for the great feedback so far!
P.S. did you wishlist the game yet? It helps me get more visibility.
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Night Blade
Night Blade @deengames

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