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Gem Worlds: What's Ahead

Night Blade
Night Blade
No more early access, beta tests, and a demo!

Early Access No More
Hey all, thought I’d drop you a quick note. After lots of thinking, discussion, and consultation, I decided to drop Early Access for Gem Worlds.
Gem Worlds wasn’t a good fit to EA to begin with; and I primarily intended to get player feedback via EA. But, a lot of players gloss over EA games, and (sometimes) come back for the 1.0 release; so I’m better off shipping the game as a 1.0 “done but updating” game instead.
Internal Beta Tests
I need feedback on Gem Worlds. I cut the scope a lot - from ten worlds to five, and from 20+ skills to around 11. While I plan to extend the game, critically, I need player feedback to figure out what to add.
So, the plan is to inshaAllah (God willing) hold a number of limited beta tests and gather feedback. If you’re interested, stick around the mailing list, as that’s the best way to get notified, and get access.
Gem Worlds Demo
The last couple of weeks, I prioritized changes to make Gem Worlds ready for the demo. InshaAllah the demo will land this month (April) or early May. It will include a slice of the game: the complete first world, along with five of the available nine powers, as well as all four items from the full game.
If you’re on the mailing list, you should get a notification about that. Alternatively, wishlisting the game on Steam might notify you, too.
As always, let me know if you have any feedback on any of the above.
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Night Blade
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